A THUG punched and kicked his mentally ill friend in a "vicious" attack after an argument over a £10 loan.

Matthew Walton, of Hensington Close, Woodstock, was jailed for 27 months at Oxford Crown Court on Friday after admitting beating Oliver Todd.

David Bright, prosecuting, said 25-year-old Walton had attacked Mr Todd at his friend’s Woodstock flat and called him a “schizophrenic”.

He said: "He initiated an argument, claiming Mr Todd owed him £10. A blow was struck by Matthew Walton to Mr Todd’s head.”

He said Mr Todd then “slapped” Walton, adding: “It appears that gesture infuriated Mr Walton and it was clear he felt insulted.

“The Crown’s case is Mr Walton launched a fierce assault on Mr Todd. He struck a hard blow to his head which caused Mr Todd to fall to the floor.”

He said Walton then repeatedly kicked his friend while he was on the ground before leaving the block of flats. Mr Todd suffered a bruised left eye and nose, and a cut lip in the late-night fight on May 23.

Walton, who was arrested three days later, has five previous convictions for battery dating back to 2005, the court heard.

Graham Bennett, defending, said Walton had acted partly in self defence.

But he added: “This defendant accepts he was unlawfully violent.

“This is a classic loss of temper case.”