WEST Oxfordshire District Council has again frozen its council tax precept in its 2013/14 budget, agreed at a full council meeting yesterday.

Councillors also agreed not to reduce funding to voluntary organisations and to maintain free parking in council-owned car parks.

It is the third year running the council has kept its share of council tax at £81.63 a year for Band D properties.

The council has the second lowest council tax of all 201 shire district councils in England and the lowest of all five district councils in Oxfordshire.

West Oxfordshire District Council agreed to make an extra £420,000 in “efficiency savings” in the next year through shared working with other councils.

Council leader Barry Norton, pictured, said: “This will be the third year that we have frozen council tax for residents.

“When inflation has been running at levels above three per cent, that is a real terms cut of more than 10 per cent, to make a difference to households which are having to find extra money to pay for energy, fuel and food costs.

“Whilst our portion of the council tax is very small, every little helps.”

He added: “Not only are we meeting the budgetary challenges, but we also continue to provide first-class services to our residents, while supporting our voluntary sector, with no cutbacks and a promise of further efficiency savings on the way.”