COULD you offer a home to these kittens found in a dumped sofa in Witney?

The tiny cats were taken to the Blue Cross Burford rehoming centre after being found in Tower Hill last month.

They were discovered after being heard meowing and have been renamed after the ‘DFS’ furniture store – Daphne, Fred and Scooby.

Laura Crofts, an animal welfare assistant at the Shilton Road home, said: “We’ve had a bit of fun naming the kittens, but sadly there is a serious message behind this, and it is not an isolated case.”

She said: “We have been really pleased with their progress and will be looking for new homes for them in around five to six weeks’ time.

“After the start they’ve had in life, they deserve the best home possible.”

Contact the charity on 0300 777 1570.