PRIME Minister MP David Cameron has offered his support to an Army veteran who feared he was to be evicted from his home before he had another one to go to.

Former Parachute Regiment Sergeant Paul Biddiss left the Army this year after 24 years.

He said he asked the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and West Oxfordshire District Council a year ago for help in finding a suitable new house to live in with his wife and five children, one of whom is severely disabled.

When he failed to receive the reassurances he was looking for he wrote to the Witney MP asking for help.

Mr Cameron said: “I can fully appreciate what a stressful and upsetting time this is for the whole Biddiss family.

“I have written to the Minster of State responsible for Defence Personnel at the MoD and the housing department at the council and I now understand that both departments are working together to secure a positive outcome.

“I will continue to do what I can as the local Member of Parliament to assist this family.”

Mr Biddiss, who is now pursuing a career as a private investigator, said: “Everyone now knows what is going on and, more importantly, my wife and family aren’t worrying when we’re going to be kicked out.”

Mr Biddiss was due to be evicted from his Army home on Wednesday, but he was afraid that council was preparing to rehome him in a house that was unsuitable for severely-disabled Chandler, 13.

But on Thursday, a member of the Prime Minister’s staff forwarded an email sent to him from council's head of housing, Lesley Sherratt, saying: “The threat of eviction is no longer imminent but the availability of properties to meet the family’s needs is extremely limited.

“The property in Carterton that we have identified as being potentially capable of adaptation to meet the family’s housing need has yet to be vacated and so it has not been possible to visit the property with all relevant professional advisors to establish whether this is a viable option or not.”