A FOOD bank is on the hunt for a bigger base as it struggles to keep up with demand.

The Oxfordshire West Food Bank is based at the Elim Church in West End, Witney, but as the need for its service increases, the team is finding it increasingly hard to cope.

The food bank was set up about 18 months ago and since then has helped more than 200 people with up to five parcels a week.

Julie Walker-Lock, who volunteers at the food bank, said ideally they need a town centre location so people are able to park nearby.

She said: “We are so grateful to the church for allowing us to be there but we are growing so rapidly.

“Somewhere in the centre of Witney would be really good for us as it can be quite hard for people to park here or to find us.

“We didn’t think when we started that we would be needed this much, so working from here was great.

“But the church is in full use and has services and a Sunday school and we are starting to take up too much space.

“We’ve just had a really lovely, big donation but we have not got space to keep it away tidily and we can’t really expand much more.”

If you can help with premises or wish to donate, call 07557 979384.