MUSIC lovers can wallow in nostalgia by visiting a new exhibition in Woodstock displaying unforgettable album cover art.

Henley-based Hypergallery – which markets, publishes and sells album cover art – is staging a show of iconic LP covers at the Oxfordshire Museum in Park Street.

The exhibition, part of the sixth annual Art in Woodstock festival, opens on Saturday, October 27 and runs until Sunday, November 4.

Classic album covers featured in the exhibition will include Hunky Dory by David Bowie, Tattoo You by the Rolling Stones, Houses of the Holy by Led Zeppelin and (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis.

Rob Smeaton, 64, founder of Hypergallery, said: “Album covers can be so evocative of a particular time in people’s lives – often when they are growing up – and CDs and downloads don’t have quite the same effect.

“Some album covers feature great art and our ethos is to put it in a different context and hang it on the wall.

“In many cases there is artwork that is not used for the final album cover and we can work with the artist or photographer to present it how they wanted it to be seen in the first place.

“Limited edition prints can cost anything from £150 to £2,300, depending on how well known the artist is. Limited edition prints of the Beatles’ album Sgt Pepper were published about five years ago, with about 500 copies made, and they sold for about £1,400 each, although the few that remain now sell for £7,500.”

Former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel, a well-known patron of album cover artists, has linked up with Hypergallery to publish his whole collection of album cover artwork.

Art in Woodstock, which coincides with the Hypergallery exhibition, will feature 50 local, national and international artists displaying art in various forms, from fine art paintings to sculpture.

Artwork will be shown throughout the town. And there will also be a public art space in the town square where children and adults can paint on canvas.

  • For Oxfordshire Museum opening times, call 01993 811456.