Sir – I was recently taken by ambulance to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford after a bad fall at 9pm.

A severe stroke in 2008, and a small one two years later, have left me very unsteady on my feet which had caused the fall. I needed stitches in my head, which was bleeding profusely.

I was treated by all the staff at the hospital and the paramedics with the utmost kindness, understanding sympathy and good humour. I cannot speak more highly of the care which I received while I was there.

Unfortunately, the night staff were not very friendly and extremely unhelpful when I asked to go to the loo, first using a bedpan and later a commode, having to struggle with my clothes and bedding both times.

When the morning staff took over, I was again very well looked after.

It is a little sad that an experience which, on the whole, was very satisfactory, was spoiled by a lack of simple care at night.

I have great respect for both paramedics and all those who work in accident and emergency and I am grateful for the treatment I received from them.

Mrs S Phillips, Lavender Square, Bampton