Sir – I thought your readers might be interested in the experience I had when I decided to go shopping at Marks & Spencer in Witney for some underwear I am disabled with MS (not M&S) so I was using my scooter.

I found the store quite difficult to negotiate because the aisles are quite small.

I made my purchase and remarked to the lady on the cash desk that I found it difficult to negotiate the aisles, because they were quite small, whereupon she said: “Are you sure it’s not your driving, sir?”

I said: “No, my driving is good, it’s your aisles.”

When I got home, and told my wife of my experience, she said: “Your scooter is no larger than a double child buggy”

I decided to write the store manager asking him and the cashier to pretend to be disabled and drive my scooter round their store, so that they would have a greater understanding of the issues with which people with disability have to cope.

As yet, I have received no reply.

I can’t believe the store has a policy not to reply to customers who write to the manager.

In future, I will buy my underwear from Next.

Didn’t I read somewhere that M&S profits were dropping?

Roger Keable, Burwell Drive, Witney