Sir – Natasha Saveall’s letter (Witney Gazette, November 14) makes many valid points about the future allocation of housing in Carterton.

I totally agree with her point about sound planning. West Oxfordshire District Council’s draft proposals for new houses mainly on the former RAF housing sites and at Carterton East are the most logical.

Carterton Town Council pressed for more new housing in Carterton because it wants better leisure facilities and improvements to the town’s infrastructure, which will not be paid for by local council taxpayers but by developers.

These improvements are urgently needed. The REEMA and Carterton East sites have many of the utilities – gas, electricity and water – adjacent to them, whereas Carterton West does not and so, with this lack of utilities and the building of access roads and bridges over the Shill Brook, it would be an expensive site to develop.

The REEMA and Carterton East sites can therefore deliver new housing and develop contributions for the regeneration of Carterton relatively quickly.

I hope, and I know many other people in Carterton feel the same, that Carterton Town Council will grasp the nettle and support West Oxfordshire’s draft proposals for the town. It really is a no-brainer.

Gail Wilson (Mrs) Richens Drive Carterton