Sir – I am sure Natasha Saveall (Gazette Letters, November 14) will not be surprised to learn that not everybody shares her point of view.

The district council certainly did not listen to the people of Brize Norton.

Does she realise that the Carterton East option is in fact in Brize Norton village ?

By all means, let Carterton expand, so long as it does so within its own boundaries.

Properties were demolished in Upavon Way and presumably planning would not have been necessary for them to be replaced.

I cannot imagine Carterton will benefit from the inhabitants of Carterton East, any more than it has from Shilton Park.

Brize Norton has no desire to be swallowed up by Carterton. Unfortunately, it gets closer by the day.

So much for Monahan Way being the acknowledged boundary between Carterton and Brize Norton.

We can look forward to even more traffic through our village; all the extra people will need to work somewhere and it certainly won’t be in Carterton. Existing industrial units have been empty for several years.

We shall no doubt see more instances of flooding, despite mention of “appropriate (whatever that may mean) flood risk mitigation measures”.

Houses in Carterton Road were never flooded before Shilton Park was built.

J Shorrock, Carterton Road, Brize Norton