Sir – Will West Oxfordshire District Council ever get off the fence over the Woodford Way car park?

As you reported (Witney Gazette, November 21), this ‘temporary’ parking facility is going to be left open for another three years.

The draft Local Plan that is currently out for public consultation projects many thousands of house to be built in the district – meaning a lot more shoppers.

So why build another development on this area of valuable parking space, as I presume, would be the plan after three years?

Stop putting off decisions, get off the fence and make this car park a permanent part of the infrastructure of the town centre.

The council keeps pointing out that the free car parking is a big factor in the town’s success.

Perhaps this could be the next Cogges Link Road – 20 years to make a decision.

At least we would have a temporary car park for a very long time.

David Archer, Windmill Heights, North Leigh