Sir – Your headline on November 21 suggested that Oxfordshire County Council was to remove the ban on loading and waiting on the western side of the High Street and provide additional disabled bays.

This was incorrect and the restrictions remain on the western side, which means the disabled have lost eight spaces where they were able to park in the past.

The new proposal is for seven disabled bays, which are far from ideally positioned.

In addition, the extension to the taxi rank removes three bays outside Dr Lea and Oxfam where the disabled could park on the slope between the Post Office and the Buttercross.

The new taxi rank on Welch Way removes another three possible parking spaces.

Taken as a whole, the facilities for the disabled to access banks, Post Office, opticians, West Oxfordshire District Council Shop, etc, on the High Street and nearby will be reduced by one half.

It seems the disabled are second class citizens as far as the county and district councils are concerned.

You have led the disabled to believe that their parking facilities on Witney High Street have been improved, when in fact they have been greatly reduced. They have thus been denied the opportunity to protest against the councils’ proposals.

Amanda Epps, The Green, Charlbury