Sir – Ian Hudspeth seems to be searching desperately for reasons not to progress the Shores Green upgrade (Gazette, December 27).

This looks more and more like sour grapes over being denied the Cogges Link Road and it flies in the face of the commitment which Oxfordshire County Council gave at the public inquiry last year.

I see, too, that the district council has approved a large new hotel in Ducklington Lane, despite the town council’s strong objection that it will generate extra traffic at an already-congested junction – funnily enough, the very junction which would also have been made far more problematic by the Cogges Link Road.

I can’t help wondering whether Mr Hudspeth and some of his fellow councillors have ever set foot in Witney. They certainly don’t seem to have a clue about how Witney traffic works.

Why not arrange a trip? Some of us will be happy to show you around.

Dr Katy Jennison, New Yatt Road, Witney