Sir – In response to Stephen Harness and other correspondents (last week’s Witney Gazette Letters), my aim is to resolve the traffic issues in Witney as quickly as possible.

Since last summer we have been working hard to find solutions that can be delivered. We are working on all the main junctions along the A40.

There is an issue with the Shores Green proposal in that some of the land required, as I understand, is not available for purchase at any price.

If that is the case, then we would have to start compulsory purchase order proceedings. Your readers will be only too aware that this can be a long process.

With that in mind, we investigated the possibility of adding west-facing slip-roads within the highway boundary. This would have the advantage of no land purchase and a much quicker design and planning process.

Unfortunately, there is not sufficient land available to deliver a safe junction within the boundary.

We are negotiating with the developers regarding the Section 106 money, so that it can be used to provide a solution to the traffic issues in Witney.

Ian Hudspeth, Leader, Oxfordshire County Council, County Hall, New Road, Oxford