Sir – Ah, how I so agree with Mrs Diana Gough concerning Royal Mail services.

A few months ago I decided my Medic-Alert emblem was in dire need of a new band – this would cost me £10. I carefully packaged it, affixed two first-class stamps (it was only very light), checked it fitted in my post size guide and posted it to Milton Keynes.

Not receiving it back and the cheque not being cashed I began investigating – no sign of it anywhere. By this time, as I need my emblem and six weeks had evolved, I paid £25 out, as of course I now needed a whole new disc as well.

Eight weeks later, my emblem was returned by Royal Mail complaining it was nine pence under-posted. It wasn’t.

I then carefully re-packaged it and this time took it to our local post office, brilliantly-run by Melanie and Mike. It was carefully weighed, correct postage fixed and re-sent. Four weeks later it was returned – again with a claim of under-postage.

I rang Royal Mail – they had the audacity to tell me Melanie did not know her job (she and Mike have only run the post office 20-odd years mind – not long then!).

I complained – my compensation? Six first-class stamps and a letter saying they may have let me down this time.

All in all this ridiculous fiasco cost me over £3 in postage for two non-deliveries and £25 for a £10 repair job.

Last week 12 first-class stamps cost me a whopping £7.20. For what? The service is appalling. I will agree sometimes things get through as supposed to on time but I would only rate the service two out of 10 on a personal level.

Let’s hope Royal Mail’s new year resolution is ‘improvement, improvement, improvement’.

I will be re-sending my emblem with my annual update this week. Third time lucky. Will it arrive? Watch this space!

D Holloway (Mrs), Wenrisc Drive, Minster Lovell