Sir – I was sorry to read the letter from Adrian State (Gazette, January 16), about his mother’s fall on Witney High Street due to a missing paving slab.

The paving slab in question was reported to our highways officers on Friday, January 4, and repaired the following Monday morning.

I understand a cone was put out to warn of the damage but that this was unhelpfully moved by a member of the public at some point over the weekend.

Our repair teams work hard to respond as swiftly as possible to reports of road and pavement defects across the county but the reactive nature of this work means there will inevitably be an intervening period when such defects can pose a risk to pedestrians or motorists.

I hope Mr State’s mother made a swift recovery and would urge residents to report damage to roads and pavements to our highways team by calling 0845 310 1111, or online at

Rodney Rose, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Transport, Oxfordshire County Council, County Hall, Oxford