Sir – I felt compelled to write after reading the report in last week’s Witney Gazette about Chris Roger’s problems with the recycling crew.

We have been having exactly the same problems. Our neighbours are elderly, and, as a young couple, we help out and put all the bins out for the elderly residents who live near us.

When I get home on bin days, without fail there is recycling blowing everywhere. Items have been dropped and not picked up.

All these items have to be put back into boxes, as they are scattered over lawns, paths and so on.

I have also witnessed the crew just throwing the boxes back on to lawns. Last week, with it being very windy, my elderly neighbour’s bin had blown into the road.

This lady is housebound and could see out of her window what had happened but was unable to retrieve it herself and was worried about it until I returned home and was able to get it.

The collectors really are a law unto themselves. Don’t get me started about them only doing main routes during the snow. We rang and complained and were told it was up to the driver if he goes off main roads in bad weather, but another refuse lorry had been up our road minutes earlier without any problem.

It just seems that they really do not enjoy their job, which I think is criminal in this current economic climate, when other people would love a job.

Sally Cambray, Maple Way, Ascott-under-Wychwood