Sir – Having read the article in last week’s Gazette, I am surprised at the criticism of the recycling crews.

In my opinion they do a fantastic job and are always pleasant and ready with a quick comment. They have to be quick, as they seem to be on the run to complete their tasks each day.

What annoys me is the way some residents put out their recycling, jars, bottles and tins, which have not been rinsed, and the collection chaps are expected to sort out their smelly rubbish.

I have nothing but praise for the service, which can never be described as a pleasant job. I certainly would not want to do it.

If the odd box gets on to to the pavement, is that a crime? Although, I must say, they always leave my boxes tidy, and, on the odd occasion when I telephoned the office with a query, I was dealt with by a most pleasant person, who was most patient with me.

I say keep up the good work.

John Green, Tarrant Avenue, Witney