Sir – I can see Mrs Holloway’s problem (Gazette Letters, January 23), that despite affixing more postage than she thought necessary, her vital letter did not get delivered because of “insufficient postage”.

Worse still, she didn’t become aware of the fact until eight long weeks later.

I have experienced the same sort of thing, even when I have carefully put on the right stamps.

The new regime is ambiguous and unreliable, because postal rates are going up all the time and we now have, instead of a flat rate system, a variety of rates depending on such factors as size, shape, weight, etc.

Added to this, the rules are rigorously applied – get it right or get it ditched.

I am now, except for the smallest letter, forced to waste time queuing at the post office to have my post weighed and checked to improve my chances of delivery.

David Barnby, New Yatt Road, Witney