Sir – Your front page article (Gazette, February 6), clearly demonstrates the overwhelming opposition to a large-scale new housing estate outside the current boundaries of Carterton.

Surely the extensive area of Ministry of Defence land in Carterton, a community which is in desperate need of modern housing, should be fully developed before expanding the town’s boundaries?

The proposal to build “about 700” houses, which may end up as 1,000, to the east of Carterton and in Brize Norton parish, is fiercely opposed by residents of Brize Norton.

A recent petition of 356 signatures, equivalent to one per household and the 250 letters of objection sent to the council, representing 70 per cent of households, is proof of the strength of feeling here.

Let us hope that councillor Warwick Robinson is right when he says that: “perhaps planning considerations carry more weight” and the planners will recognise that the Carterton East proposal is an unsustainable non-starter.

M French (Ms), Station Road, Brize Norton