Sir – My letter of January 2 addressed a Labour Party leaflet in which I explained how taxpayers are paying for their own aid from the European Union and that it was a highly inefficient way of financing local jobs.

Drew Carter in reply has failed to address this subject: that mass immigration is affecting the availability of local jobs (which the leaflet was complaining about) and driving down wages.

Does his dodging the issue and instead addressing a different topic mean that Mr Carter agrees that the leaflet showed an ignorance of the facts on ‘aid’ and the effect of mass immigration upon jobs?

As to 3.5 million jobs being dependent upon trade with the EU – so what?

Does he think that all trade will cease if Britain were to leave the EU ? Does he think that Germany would stop selling Mercedes to us?

Does he think that France would deprive us of Beaujolais? Of course not, trade will continue as before and jobs would not be lost.

I would be delighted to learn Mr Drew’s view on the issues I raised on the Labour leaflet.

David Barnby, New Yatt Road, Witney