Sir – In his letter (Gazette, February 5), councillor David Harvey says that: “Flood risk is now a major planning consideration for future developments”.

This will be of no comfort to the residents of Bampton and Brize Norton who face large estates being plonked down on their villages.

Why is this happening?

It’s because West Oxfordshire District Council has failed to produce a Local Plan, leaving a legal loophole wide open for developers to exploit.

In 2007 more than 300 homes flooded in Bampton and Brize Norton. Climate change and increased rainfall run-off from new estates will mean more flooding in our area.

Our council can reduce the impact of flooding by working closely with residents and landowners, as well as the Environment Agency and only approving new houses when this does not increase the risk of flooding for existing residents.

Lesley Campbell, Buckland Road, Bampton