Sir – I have been following with great interest the correspondence about the houses to be built in Brize Norton, not Carterton.

I would like to add my voice to this discussion. I was born and brought up in Brize Norton, as were at least five generations of my family before me.

Many years ago, maybe centuries, Christ Church bought up all the agricultural land around our village and have spent over half-a-century exploiting this fact to make vast amounts of money.

They feel no sense of responsibility to the village or the villagers. There is a lot they could do to help, for instance the small piece of land in front of Manor Row could be made into a small car park for the village, then maybe those of us who like to use our two feet and the bus stops, wouldn’t have to keep struggling past cars parked by selfish people all over the pavements.

When Shilton Park was built, this village was assured that Monahan Way would be the boundary between us and Carterton and we would have no more houses.

Now a few short years later, here we are again.

Don’t anybody fool themselves, as long as Christ Church keep getting their own way they won’t stop.

If you drive up the Burford Road in Brize Norton, on the right hand side, between the two lots of barns, are fields that the farmer is only allowed to rent on a short lease. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

They also still own lots of the agricultural land in this area and won’t be satisfied until it’s all covered in concrete.

The people of Alvescot might think they are very clever with their lawyers but they won’t win, they will still get houses built to the west of Carterton, no doubt about that.

I think the great and mighty Christ Church should definitely change their name as there is nothing Christian about them.

Carol Faulkner, Brize Norton