Sir – We write to support the sensible letter from Tim Sampson (Gazette Letters, February 12), who pointed out the serious flooding problems that already exist in the Shill Brook valley, as his photograph graphically illustrated.

Building houses at Carterton West would make the flooding worse than it already is.

The Carterton East proposal involves just 700 homes and is surrounded by roads which will ensure it will not break out.

Moreover, there is a large area to keep a gap between Shilton Park and Brize Norton.

The Shill Brook burst its banks in 2007, and Alvescot Road was virtually impassable for a short time.

Building homes in the west would make things worse. It could cause more flooding to Black Bourton and Bampton.

This, because it would not stop at a few hundred homes, could go on until it reached Shilton.

Already Corbett Road and Milestone Road have become rat runs, due to increased levels of traffic with RAF Lyneham closing and new supermarkets have been built in Carterton. Drivers want to avoid the centre crossroads.

Building at Carterton West will make matters worse by spreading more traffic across Carterton. The proposal for the houses to the east of the town makes sense, because that is where a lot of the traffic ends up each morning.

Mike and Christine Keep, Milestone Road, Carterton