Sir – Regarding parking problems (Gazette, February 26): the long-stay parking problem now seems to have moved to The Leys in Witney.

I must agree with Peter Hellawell that the council should rethink and reinstate the long-stay parking area in the Woolgate car park.

Since before Christmas The Leys car parking area has been full most week days with some people also parking on the grass verge on the opposite side of the road, thus narrowing the road even more.

We access our home through The Leys and the roadway has become quite dangerous at times.

Last Wednesday, March 5, we were returning from shopping and a large car was parked next to the seat near the churchyard path.

Cars were parked on the other side, partly on the grass, almost all along the road and several people were walking on the road, instead of the path.

It is only a matter of time before there is a nasty accident.

The Leys is intended as a place for recreation and play for the people of Witney.

However, at the moment, there is nowhere for anyone to park a car in order to take advantage of these facilities.

Please, members of the district council, do a U-turn and reinstate the long-stay parking in the Woolgate car park. You know it makes sense.

Marilyn Webb, The Springs, Witney