Sir – Witney’s Crown post office closed last Wednesday.

On Thursday, the post office moved to more cramped surroundings at the back of WH Smith.

To make clear what is happening, the Post Office has been distributing leaflets directing customers to WH Smith, at 12 Market Square, OX28 6BB.

This is actually the address of the Shake Shop, just a few doors along from 4 Market Square, the existing location of the post office.

WH Smith is to be found at 12 Woolgate, OX28 6AP.

The ungenerous among us might observe that Post Office managers should know their own address, with addresses and postcodes being the stuff of their business.

But then, those responsible for moving post offices and producing leaflets are probably strategists, rather than postmen.

How they explain why quite so much post is being delivered to the Shake Shop should be a lesson to us all.

Stuart Macdonald, West End, Witney