Sir – I travel to Oxford from Witney twice daily and have noticed the many hold-ups that occur on a regular basis and the frustration for drivers going about their business on Saturday, March 15, a car had broken down on the A40 near to the speed cameras past the Witney bypass.

Surely common sense dictates pushing the car off the road (it was going downhill) to then allow busy Saturday morning traffic free movement. Instead, we had two police officers directing traffic flow, thus causing the jam.

Again on Wednesday, March 19, without warning, workmen set up temporary traffic lights again in the same region. This then meant a 15-minute drive to Oxford taking more than an hour.

Just up the road a few weeks ago, extensive road repairs were carried out overnight and with plenty of warning.

Why wasn’t this work all done at the same time?

There are speed cameras on the A40, just after the end of the Witney bypass going eastwards, which I imagine can’t do much business, as for the most part of the day being able to drive at 40mph would be considered good.

On the section of the A34 around Oxford, from the Botley roundabout to the Hinksey Hill roundabout, there is a 50mph speed limit but some 20 per cent of drivers, many being HGVs, simply ignore this.

Why is there no enforcement on this section of the road?

John Millington, Mountfield Road, Witney