Sir – The view from Market Square down the length of Church Green to St Mary’s Church is generally considered to be the finest view in Witney.

Not so today. There are no less than six areas round the green where orange council warning barriers are in place, pending repair work.

In addition to these, there are three areas of badly-worn grass along the eastern verge which are cordoned off for grass seeding. And there are countless potholes forming in the road surface.

All three of our local councils are involved in the overall care and control of Church Green, and all three are working on tight budgets.

Much of the damage has been caused by the very wet winter and the ever-increasing pedestrian traffic from Farm Mill Lane past an infant school, The Fleece and a pre-school nursery to reach Market Square.

The pavement gets congested and pedestrians spill over onto wet grass with inevitable consequences.

Can our councils offer us any hope that the situation will improve and that maintenance work to tackle these problems, like spring, is coming in?

Not just for our residents but for the shoppers and tourists whom we want so much to attract to Witney.

Geoffrey Nutt, Witney