Sir – With reference to your article (Witney Gazette, March 26) about the relocation of the post office to the back of WH Smith, it might be all right for the abled-bodied but it is an absolute nightmare for the disabled.

On a visit to the post office on my mobility scooter, my first hurdle was to try and get to the service positions.

I did what I always do and noted the last person in the queue and then went to the nearest position that I could get to, in this case next to a rather large red photo booth.

When a position came free I went forward and was then accused of jumping the queue by people who had since joined the queue.

I then proceeded to get my business done – not easy when the person behind the counter was being trained as she dealt with me.

By this time I was getting rather fed up. I then asked for the manager to ask what special arrangements had been made for the disabled (we were allowed to go directly to counter one in the High Street post office).

I have been informed that the counter nearest the photo booth is the one we can go directly to. You might have to lean forwards a bit to get noticed, but this is better than nothing.

Having finished at the counter some 30 minutes later, the only way I could get out of the shop was to go backwards, as there is not enough room for me to turn round. Not the safest or most dignified way of exiting a shop.

I note that the disabled counters are far too low for disabled people to use comfortably and I cannot get anywhere near the table at the side if I need to write out anything.

WH Smith was not a disabled-friendly shop to start with and is even worse since the post office has been crammed in. I also noticed that displays at the front of the shop that had been removed have now returned.

Brenda Churchill, Wenman Road, Witney