Sir – I was interested to read your report on March 26 about the proposed Shores Green junction in the A40; this was accompanied by a diagram of the resulting roads according to the local plan.

Whatever the merits of Shores Green (I suggested this to the council and wrote to this newspaper about 20 years ago on this theme), the map you printed was not correct, as the council has decided to add just a roundabout on the A40 at the junction with Downs Road and not an interchange.

Don’t the people of Witney deserve fully functional exits and entries to their town?

More traffic snarl-ups will ensue and deter businesses from locating to Witney. Where then will the people work who are going to move into all the new houses being built in Witney and the surrounding area?

The difference in cost between an interchange and a roundabout is, I am told, about £3m – in the greater scheme of things this is a drop in the ocean.

Are we going to be discussing this like Shores Green in another 20 years’ time?

I spend most of my days driving around the South East of England. It is only when I return to West Oxfordshire that I encounter traffic jams – even London’s traffic moves better than West Oxfordshire’s. I can only imagine that the people who pass planning applications never go outside Witney.

Reg Summers, Burwell Drive, Witney