Sir – You have recently published two letters about The Leys.

I too am dismayed to see how the once well-kept jewel in our town has been allowed to deteriorate.

Cars now regularly park along the grass verge, causing ruts and bare patches. The miniature golf enclosure is now to be a splash area – a puzzling decision indeed.

Surely the unused paddling pool could have been used?

The trees cut down for this project were felled recently – surely during bird-nesting season? This enclosed area would have made a lovely garden for older townsfolk to sit.

The poplar trees along the main avenue have been badly vandalised by knives and also, along the top, trees have been similarly damaged.

For some unknown reason a football pitch has appeared on the better area of grass always previously used by people sitting with picnics or playing ball games, as I did with my own children. This enjoyment will now be an impossibility.

The football should be kept to the far side where it has always been, thereby keeping damage to one area and allowing others to enjoy their relaxation.

One last point. Recently, while walking on the pathway toward the pavilion, I was beeped at by a council vehicle to move out of their way. Perhaps a staff meeting is due?

It saddens me to witness the decline of this lovely area, which as Mr Nutt and Mr Pearce point out, was purchased with donations from the people of Witney for our enjoyment.

With this in mind perhaps the town council can take action to restore our Leys to its former condition.

V Groves (Mrs), The Crofts, Witney