Sir – When I wrote to you in March, I had hoped that West Oxfordshire District Council would see sense and reinstate long-stay parking in the Woolgate car park.

I had not expected that a town councillor would later comment by insulting those who park in The Leys because there is now a shortage of long-stay parking elsewhere.

They are not selfish or irresponsible, just trying to park so they can do a day’s work, not two or three hours’ shopping.

As a matter of interest, one Wednesday last month, I walked to Zone G (the previous long-stay parking area) to find 18 vehicles parked in an area with more than 120 spaces – enough spaces for those parked in The Leys and also those who park in the surrounding residential streets, causing problems for those living there.

The damaged church wall, referred to in the letter, faces Church Green and has nothing to do with parking at The Leys.

The damage to walls in The Leys has occurred over several years and to my knowledge has nothing to do with the parking problem that exists now.

I remain hopeful that the council will take the sensible course and reinstate the long-stay parking at the Woolgate car park.

Marilyn Webb, The Springs, Witney