Sir – Although county council leader Ian Hudspeth in his letter in the Witney Gazette on April 30 considers that I “accused” Witney East Conservatives of being out of touch, a more careful reading of my letter would confirm that I actually wrote that their newsletter makes them “appear” to be so.

But then again, perhaps careful reading might not be a natural trait at County Hall.

For example, as I advised Mr Hudspeth in a letter (Witney Gazette, June 20, 2012) the Cogges Link Road public inquiry inspector’s report to the Secretary of State included, in paragraph 7.51, a statement that: “The council has said that, if the Orders and Application for the Cogges Link Road are not confirmed, then it would make an early start on preparations for the Shores Green Slip Roads.”

Note the words “an early start”, Mr Hudspeth, not “perhaps at some vague time in the future, once we’ve finished the Thorney Leys junction and the Downs Road roundabout...”.

It is high time that the county council stopped sulking over their Cogges Link Road defeat and faced up to the assurance they gave to the public inquiry.

Nick Wilcock, Manor Road, Cogges, Witney