Sir – What has gone wrong with nightlife in Witney?

Witney needs a nightclub urgently. What is the sense of sending all of the younger generation to Oxford for a night out when they could keep all the trade in the town?

The taxis drivers are suffering; the local pubs are struggling to remain open; the fast food outlets need late night trade to make ends meet.

We had always had a nightclub in the town, the football club, Sidings, the Palace, Langdale Hall, for weddings, discos, private functions.

I can only talk from experience what it means for the young ones to have a good night out.

Yes, there has been an odd occasion where there has been trouble, but all in all, no problems.

Back in the 70s and 80s, up to 200 people a night would have a good time.

You cannot convince me that it is safe to wait for a bus home from Oxford at 3am in the morning.

I am sure the younger generation would rather get dressed up and stay in the town.

We might end up with the Corn Exchange as the only possible venue for discos, sorry but it is not big enough for the town. Get a grip, Witney.

David Willis, Colwell Drive, Witney