Sir – The Conservatives have been rightly criticised for their poor management of Witney Town Council and its assets such as the Corn Exchange and West Witney Sports Ground.

Most recently they’ve come under fire for holding meetings in secret and excluding members of the public and the press.

However, now it appears we have two town councillors who are consistently absent and fail to attend meetings and events or any official business and haven’t for some time.

Nick Buckle and Steve Way clearly aren’t performing their duties and representing people as they were elected to do in 2011.

This, after former mayor Louise Chapman was kicked off the town council a few years ago for failing to attend meetings.

Most recently former Conservative Steve Hayward was embarrassed into resigning from West Oxfordshire District Council, after thinking he represent the people of Ducklington from Thailand.

If councillors Buckle and Way aren’t interested in doing the job, could I ask them to please resign, so residents in their wards can elect new representatives who are?

We certainly need some new blood and fresh ideas. Witney residents deserve better.

Drew Carter, Burford Road, Witney