Sir – I would like to welcome the success of Alex Postan in being elected to represent the Brize Norton & Shilton ward on the district council.

I fully support his views on the development of houses in the Carterton area, which are “I believe that the expansion of Carterton into the rural parishes of Brize Norton, Shilton or Alvescot is inappropriate and highly damaging” (I have been taking this stance since the public inquiry of 1994).

It is unfortunate that the planners have chosen to name the three areas: ‘East, North or West Carterton’ and not to call them by their proper names i.e. Brize Norton, Shilton or Alvescot.

Forcing us to concentrate on a choice for the firing squad has diverted attention from the real problem. By posing the question ‘Where is it to be?’ the effect has been divisive and this is not helpful when all communities could stand together to oppose the threat.

How refreshing to have the problem of development around Carterton so clearly and succinctly expressed.

Let us hope that those councillors on the uplands and lowlands planning sub-committees take note.


Station Road B

rize Norton