Sir – I would like to pass on my thanks to the staff at the Nuffield Health Centre.

On the morning of June 12, my 10-year-old son was due to go on a school trip and stay overnight.

During the normal morning rush, it came to light he had managed to lose his prescription eye drops for hay fever, which he takes to school.

Luckily, he is on a repeat prescription, and when I called into reception, the lady there could not have been more helpful.

She took the prescription, went and found a GP and asked him to sign a new one, which enabled me to call in at the chemist and pick up new eyedrops. Without these he could never have managed the school trip.

My wife and I wanted to express our thanks. We are well aware that many people are often to quick to complain about NHS staff, but on this occasion the lady concerned (sorry I didn’t get her name as we were in such a rush) went the extra distance, when she quite easily could have said no.

Thanks very much.

Garry Henwood, Holloway Road, Witney