Sir – I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to two members of staff at Witney’s Windrush Leisure Centre.

I was the lucky recipient of a month’s free gym membership recently, and was half-way through my induction last Saturday, when I went into what I now understand to be the symptoms of shock.

It wasn’t a pretty place to be, I can assure you, but fitness coach Liam and duty manager Emma were fantastic.

They were calming, reassuring and totally professional.

Greenwich Leisure Limited (Better) has come under occasional criticism since it was contracted by West Oxfordshire District Council to run leisure centres, but, similarly to the NHS, it is the frontline staff who often get it in the neck.

I hope that the management at GLL realise what superb and valuable company ambassadors they have working on the front line, and reward their fine work accordingly.

David Snow, Independent town and district councillor, Witney North ward, Baker’s Piece, Witney