Sir – Further to my letter concerning the bollards at Tower Hill Cemetery (June 11), the vandalism to a memorial flower bed there you reported in the same issue of the Witney Gazette is disgusting – it seems respect for deceased and relatives is obviously non-existent (although I could not help thinking the bollard theft was possible retaliation on behalf of the disabled).

It seems the town council refuses to back down on the policy of making the disabled book an appointment to visit .

Fine if the appointment is upheld, but my friend tells me that on the odd occasion it hasn’t been.

A lovely lady put me in touch with the Equality Advisory Support Service.

These people, however, flatly refused to help, because of the Data Protection Act, would you believe?

However, to anyone else plagued with the DPA being used as an excuse to do nothing, I would recommend my reply to a totally irrelevant question from their representative – that because of DPA I would not answer.

She was then somewhat subdued but still insisted that EASS could not help in any way.

Once again, the selfish minority spoil things for the majority.

At present I am reasonably mobile. Heaven help me if I ever become disabled.

I can happily look forward to discrimination, however much this is denied.

I did my best to help my friend but there has to be a better way than bollards and appointments, whatever the town council may think.

Dorothy Holloway, Wenrisc Drive, Minster Lovell