Sir – West Oxfordshire District Council leader Barry Norton’s comments (Gazette, June 11) questioning the validity of the self-seeking Strategic Housing Market Assessment study are to be welcomed, with the district having over-provided houses in the past.

Where is the hard evidence that 13,200 houses will be needed by 2031?

A sharp contrast to West Oxfordshire’s assessment of 5,500. The methodology of the London-based property consultants needs close scrutiny.

Both the Carterton East and West planning submissions are on totally unsuitable sites.

The M40 corridor from Bicester southwards is where there are many large employers, such as science parks and distribution centres. Build the houses near railway stations, good road access and employment opportunities.

There has been an empty industrial site in Carterton for more than 10 years. Why? Obviously because it is not seen as a desirable location.

Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, has said that building on brownfield land will reconcile the countryside with the need for more housing.

We know why developers resist this – it’s easier to redevelop rural land – never mind the consequences.

If you can’t maintain the assets you have got, you shouldn’t be building new ones.

J Shorrock Carterton Road Brize Norton