Sir – Thank you for publishing the article (Bees given helping hand, Gazette, June 25), about the Witney Woodland Volunteers.

However, this was not the main reason for the volunteers asking the Witney Gazette to publish an article.

You published an article (Volunteers face big bill to replace fire-damaged logs – Arsonists strike at outdoor classroom, August 8, 2012) after vandals had badly burned and destroyed part of an outdoor classroom at Deer Park Wood.

After that article had appeared, Witney Woodland Volunteers received £600 from an anonymous donor, together with a letter, signed by ‘a local well-wisher’, asking for the money to be used ‘to get the logs replaced plus labour’ and you published a follow-up article (Gazette reader’s £600 helps replace seats, August 15, 2012).

As the anonymous donor may have noticed, the logs were replaced in June last year and the damaged logs were recycled and used as steps to the scrape area.

To the anonymous donor, a big thank you for your very generous donation.

LES CURWOOD Witney Woodland Volunteers