Sir – During a recent visit my daughter, who lives abroad, fell ill.

She had a bad cough for a few days and quite high temperature, also some breathlessness. We were getting a little worried by the evening of the third day and decided to phone the NHS helpline, 111.

Although she has not had any medical help in this country for about 30 years, her NHS number was immediately found.

She answered some questions and then the person at the other end of the phone called for a senior helper who quizzed her more and then made an out-of-hours appointment at Witney Community Hospital for 20 minutes’ time.

We went in my car and hardly had to wait for a doctor to see her. He examined her and reassured us that there was no cause for worry.

Where else in the world could one have better care?

Judit Brody, St Mary’s Mead, Witney