Sir – I have lived in Corn Street for 35 years. I am also a wheelchair user. I use Corn Street most days, going to town in my power chair. I know the rhythm of its use by pedestrians on a daily basis.

Users range from young children aged four upwards going to and from The Batt Primary School, many on their little scooters; young people from Henry Box School, pushing their bikes and chatting in groups as that age group do; older, frail people with walking sticks or push frames and wheelchair and mobility scooter users. It is a busy street.

Oxfordshire County Council has recently proposed that part of the pavement on the side going up the hill should be shared with cars.

Cars will be allowed to park half on the pavement. This has to be the most dangerous, ill-thought-out proposition we have been faced with in Witney.

The idea of cars mounting the pavements when we have taught our children that the kerb is the demarcation line between danger and safety, leaves me cold with fear.

How can cars have precedence over pedestrians? It has to stop here before we lose our safety completely and allow the creep of such thoughtless proposals. Pavements are for people and must stay as such.

Already at the bottom of Corn Street on the left side white vans and cars have taken over the pavements totally, causing serious pavement damage. This has become the norm and the offending vehicles are never policed.

Please make your view known to the county council before this idea gets out of control.

Sandy Slack, Corn Street, Witney