Sir – With reference to your front page article regarding the hospital bus link.

I suggest a local shuttle service could be implemented, running between the Stagecoach bus stop and the neighbouring hospitals in Headington.

Small (say 14-seat) buses could run either every 10 minutes or so, or timed to coincide with the Stagecoach bus.

If the existing stops require updating, perhaps make them all-weather, with suitable seating to suit all ages, but especially the elderly.

I take my elderly mother when required, to either the JR or the Nuffield, as she does not drive in Oxford and finds the journey from North Leigh very difficult.

Further to this, perhaps a shuttle service could be expanded to serve a wider community, including hospital staff to help to pay for the service, with rates kept to a reasonable level.

This would enable the over-65 age group to be transported free, with income provided to justify the service.

Mike Shirley, Harvest Way, Witney