Sir – I was reading your recent article about Stagecoach’s intentions to introduce a new bus service between Carterton and the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Good news, I thought, until I read further down the article and noticed the imminent changes to the timetables and “improved” services in West Oxon.

This new timetable sees the cessation of S2 journeys through Minster Lovell.

My daughter uses this service to get to her place of work in Witney.

The nearest bus stop (suggested on the Stagecoach website) is at the Curbridge Road/Thorney Leys roundabout (a 25-minute walk away, according to the Stagecoach website).

This will cause my daughter (and myself, because I will now drive her), considerable inconvenience, as I am sure it will for anyone else either working in that area and Minster Lovell residents who rely on the S2.

My main concern, however, is the apparent lack of communication from Stagecoach about these changes and the short timescale to implementation.

My daughter and her work colleagues, who also use the S2, were completely unaware.

We only found out because I chanced upon it in your paper.

Phil Buck, Brize Norton Road, Carterton