Sir – I was interested to read Sandy Slack’s letter in the Witney Gazette on July 23 pointing out what a bad idea it was to propose car parking on the pavement in Corn Street.

I would like to endorse her opinion, because I live in Highworth Place, just around the corner, where pavement parking is already the norm.

This is a very narrow road used by people who work in town and leave their cars here all day.

If cars are parked entirely on the road, it is almost impossible to drive past them without either clashing wing mirrors or going up on to the opposite pavement.

If they park partly on the kerb, this restricts the already narrow path for people with shopping bags, pushchairs or small children so that they then have to walk in the road.

Pupils walking home from Henry Box School and mothers with young children walking from The Springs area to The Batt School are constantly confronted by cars advancing towards them down the pavement.

On dustbin days, the width of the walking space for pedestrians is still further restricted.

Surely Oxfordshire County Council should address this problem and either prohibit parking altogether or provide painted lines on the road within which only small cars can be fitted.

Perhaps the council’s cabinet member for transport, David Nimmo Smith, would personally come and investigate the problem and do his best to find a solution.

Frances Ashling, Highworth Place, Witney