Sir – I take great exception to the choice of words made by a local councillor when she was interviewed on Oxford TV on the subject of the Richmond Villages retirement development in Witney.

I live in a block of apartments reserved for sale to those over 60 so I must assume that she considers me “ghettoised” and forced to live among people with whom I have nothing in common.

I am insulted and offended by the uninformed generalisation.

To begin with, we all have two things in common: we have chosen not to live among younger families and we have – for the most part – downsized from much larger homes.

More importantly, we have decided on what felt right for us.

Any older person wishing to live in a multi-generational environment is free to do so. We are not – at a certain age – herded willy-nilly into any particular housing situation.

This lady should speak not of what she does not understand.

Ronald Day, Priory Mill Lane, Witney