Sir – Reading your report ‘Controversial homes scheme turned down’ (Gazette, July 30) has left me confused.

Following 50 letters of objection, an application to build 20 new houses on the edge of North Leigh has been refused.

A previous application to build a single house was turned down upon appeal by a Government planning inspector.

Barry Norton, council leader and representative for North Leigh commented: “If one home is too many, then 20 is definitely too many.”

However, I recall an application to build a house in Burford Road, Brize Norton, that was refused upon appeal.

It was ruled that “the effect would be to further urbanise the locality to the detriment of the open and rural character”.

And yet the new draft Local Plan for West Oxfordshire proposes 700 or more new homes immediately opposite Burford Road.

Residents of Brize Norton number far fewer than North Leigh but many more than 50 objections have been raised to this planning madness.

So, Mr Norton, let’s have some consistency.

If one home is too many in North Leigh, surely 700 homes are too many in Brize Norton?

Helen Nicks, Manor Road, Brize Norton