Sir – I write concerning the recent bizarre changes to the S2 bus route.

Firstly, there was no notice of these changes.

A friend of mine who lives at Tower Hill in Witney ended up in Carterton, because she was told of no changes.

I used that service to go from Witney to Carterton and, as far as I can see, by the time you’ve queued along Ducklington Road to get past that busy crossroads and got on to the bypass, you save about two minutes on the route.

That seems a strange reason to cut off a community, and besides, why are the people of Carterton more important than the people of Minster Lovell?

And as for the new S7 service to Headington, words fail me.

The only way that service is going to be any good to anyone is if it runs every half hour from seven in the morning until five in the afternoon, and goes right into John Radcliffe Hospital and also to the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and the Churchill Hospital.

Carol Faulkner, Daubigny Mead, Brize Norton