Sir – You have reported in the past couple of weeks on the opening of the Como Lounge, which has replaced the Izi bar and nightclub in the Market Square.

I would like to ask why is there a new cafe-bar opening in Witney? It does not make any sense at all.

If you walk through the town centre on what used to be busy Friday or Saturday nights, most of the restaurants are not even half-full, except for the odd exception, so why add another to the mix when the others are not even getting full at weekends, let alone on weekday evenings?

There was a perfectly good nightclub when iZi was open, which at least created an atmosphere for young people of an evening.

Now when you walk through town it’s dead – you have to be blind not to see it, but obviously the council is and just wants to charge high rates and does not care about the communit.

The reality of it is right there for everyone to see.

Ady Randell, Burford Road, Witney